We offer bills included in the rent on a lot of our fully-managed properties. We bundle all the bills together into one easy payment included in your rent.

In the description of our advertised properties we detail if the rent is including bills. If nothing is mentioned in the advertisements, the rent advertised will be excluding bills.

On any of our properties you can ask for ‘bills included’ to be considered, however we cannot guarantee that we can offer it on all properties.

What is included in the bills package?

Most of our inclusive bills properties include:

Any that do not include these 5, or include more than these, will be stated in any advertisements.

What are the benefits of bills included?

Paying your rent with the bills included offers many benefits:

Are there any drawbacks to bills included?

Although the cost of paying for all the bills being included in your rent is a competitive figure, it is possible that you might be able to get cheaper bills if you track down the cheapest tariff with different suppliers.

You need to weigh up the advantage of possible lower bills against the advantages shown above of your bills being paid for you by the amount included in your rent.

If you would prefer the house excluding bills, please ask us as some Landlords are willing to offer either way.

We do have lots of properties excluding bills so if this is your preferred option, please select to view those houses with bills excluded.

Fair Usage Policy

The fair usage policy is available upon request – please email us.

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